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Among Metàfora’s population of around 45 students per block, there is always a group of students of 18 to 23 years old, who are traveling the world, pursuing a meaningful start of their adult life.

Another large group of students are the 25 and 35 year-olds, with previous studies and professional experience, perhaps considering a change of career.

Lastly, it is our experience that seniors feel very comfortable at Metàfora and the course values the experience and input of all our mature students.


Many students come to Metàfora with the idea of of learning about the contemporary art world and becoming a part of it. The difference between Metàfora and university programs in Fine arts lays precisely in the emphasis we place on professionalization. These students often come with previous studies and a desire to consolidate their artistic practice.

Being a small program, we can help serious students forward in Barcelona’s art world, presenting them to gallerists, inviting them to conversations with curators and helping them understand the weave of cultural institutions in any city.

Our advanced students conclude their studies with a major exhibition in one of Barcelona’s most important galleries and present their work at Barcelona’s museum of Contemporary art, MACBA.


Some students come to Metàfora as cultural nomads, simply to get a different perspective on life and their own creative potencial