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BLOCK 5: Enjoy the Spring in Barcelona

We start off the Spring semester with the popular Body and Limits, Exploring Performance theme where students “let their hair down” with performance workshops and wild experimentation.

Below is an overview of the classes offered during Block 5, 2021-22.
The classes are supplemented by Tutorials, Paint and Sculpture Lab (technical consultations), Presentations and Discourse Reviews, amongst other activities. 

Scheduled classes for Block 5

During every Block we offer an assortment of practical workshops from which students learn how to incorporate a variety of tools and artistic techniques in their work.

Frottage and collage for big scale abstract paintings (Piotr Perski)
In his own art practice, Piotr Perski often explores the technique of “frottage”, among others in an ambitious project at the cathedral of Barcelona. This playful technique leaves space for lots of inspiration to large scale drawings and paintings.

Sculpture in Architecture (Oriol Texidor)
This class is an introduction to the idea of transforming the space with the additional input of the utility, both in art and architecture. In this workshop the student can learn the basic tools to develop an architectonic planning by taking a critical understanding of the space, thinking and drawing initial sketches, technical drawings through the Dihedral Representation System, building a model and presenting a final planning of a project for a specific space.

Screen Printing (Oriol Texidor)
In this workshop students learn the whole process for a screen printing edition, from preparing the photolith, coating the screen, exposing it to the light, developing, registering the support and printing. We will print on paper but also on different supports such as canvas, t-shirts, wood, glass or metal. Advanced students will learn CMYK techniques. This workshop usually ends with a “Printing Market Exchange” open our community’s families and friends.

Life Drawing classes (Piotr Perski)
The life drawing classes are “the basics” for understanding model drawing: construction of the body, anatomy, composition, body expression. Students will also develop a series of drawings as art project, and Piotr divides all classes in small blocks to present different techniques and exercises. The program can change depends of the dynamic and necessity of the group. Over the academic year this class is a weekly ongoing event, and Piotr makes the most of this different dynamics to help students to develop their own expression and language in drawing.

Every week the art students are exposed to different currents in Recent Art History. This class is obligatory for students on the Foundation program and open to all interested students. It is necessary to have passed this class to access the 2nd year of Metàfora’s Training Program. These lectures are aimed at encouraging students to build a personal discourse informed by what is happening in Contemporary Art.

Body and Limits (Recent Art History, Helena Pérez)
During these sessions Helena will focus on the art produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s, which brought about a rise of political awareness in many facets of Western society, such as second wave feminism, and various civil rights movements including LGBT. 

This workshop is designed to nudge our Intermediate and Advanced level students out of their comfort zone and work with materials and reflection processes which they do not usually engage in. The workshops range from “The Materials I work with, the Ideas I investigate” to “Contemporary painting, even for those who do not paint” and are meant for pick at the students’ discourse and investigation into – perhaps – unknown territory. The class is obligatory to all 2nd and 3rd year students. If space is available, students from the Foundation Program can attend.

Performance (Laura Llaneli) 
Laura is a sound artist who often works with performance. In this module students are encouraged to experiment with their body within different facets through the examples of artists who work with time, space and context. In this workshop students get to test their body limits in a playful and experimentative manner.

This weekly debate group is designed for students on 2nd and 3rd year of the course. The contents of this space varies from block to block, sometimes it is more theoretical, other times more practical. Readings are usually recommended by the teacher. The class is obligatory to all 2nd and 3rd year students.

Time and Space (Marc Larré)
Marc Larré is a well established multidisciplinary artist who works with video, installation and objects, amongst others. This seminar inspired from his personal practice guides and inspires students to produce new types of artwork and to think differently.

This class is an organic follow up to the first year of Recent Art History. These weekly sessions are dedicated to transcendental areas and include recent critical theory in visual arts, such as Aesthetics, Postcolonial Theory, Queer perspectives, Feminist and post-feminist thought, Semiotics in Visual Art, and Psychoanalysis & the Subject. The class is obligatory to all 2nd and 3rd year students.

Future: Utopia, Dystopia (Rubén Verdú)
To frame is to take responsibility, that is, to decide what to include or to exclude, to point towards something or to cut it off. As artists we are constantly confronted with a conguenation of choices which require a political stance. Contemporary photography and moving images are mediums that explore matters of framing and rhythm, but also hybrid proposals which also include installation, performance and sculpture face similar choices. Artists and thinkers such as Hito Steyerl or Boris Groys will be a starting point to think towards our responsibility in our making-processes.

Visiting Curator, Group visits (Gisela Chillida)
Every year there are two major Open Studio exhibitions at Metàfora and we are pleased to announce that this year the June edition will be designed and carried out by curator Gisela Chillida, a prominent young curator in Barcelona’s art context and a talented writer and art critic. As Visiting Curator she will meet periodically with all students during the last three months up to the Open Studio exhibition. Eventually she will design and promote the show with the works she learns about during this period.

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